Team Lightning Shot 4 Update

An update on shot 4. We’re working on better emphasizing the car in the composition by bringing it forward, turning the picture frames, and adding an object to left side of the case to better create the V-shaped composition that leads the eye to the center. The object being added is a placeholder cube, but we’ll be looking for reference for trophies that we can replace it with. A base for the hood ornament has also been blocked out with a cube temporarily.

The lighting has also been adjusted to place more emphasis on the car. We pulled some light away from the picture frames and the sides of the image. We also started working with edge lighting to better visualize the car’s silhouette.

The rough animation has also been slightly improved with the car coming in faster, but we’re still working on getting our new car model rigged and properly animated.

We’ll continue working on the materials such as, the car paint, adding logos to the mugs, and overall refinement. We also want to start experimenting with depth of field in this shot to further push the miniature aesthetic.