Team Lightning Week 9

Here is my setup in Nuke for Team Lightning’s compositing. It’s very similar for all the shots, so I’ll use shot 3 as an example.

To better control the lighting in comp, we set up light groups for each major element. In shot 3, there are light groups for the main environment lighting, the lightning, the sparks, the light strip on the front of the car, the headlights, and the the taillights. Each one of these groups has the full set of AOVs to rebuild the beauty.

Here is my Nuke script showing all these passes and AOVs shuffled out and added back together to rebuild the beauty.

All of the expression links are to grade all the AOVs for each light group uniformly since I initially organized the node by AOV type. Perhaps it would be cleaner to organize by light group instead. Something to consider next time, this is my first time working with light groups and compositing full CG shots with a full set of AOVs.

Here’s a breakdown of what each major step in the composite looks like.

Raw render
AOV grading
Final comp